SDCC '14 Reveals, Day 1


Here are some reveals from the first day of SDCC that have me excited!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tells No Tales Release Date

July 7, 2017!

Sinister Six & The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Release Dates

November 11, 2016 - Sinister Six
2018 - The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Hobbit: The…

Legend of Korra to Stop Airing on Nickelodeon



Legend of Korra fans everywhere were getting pumped for the upcoming panel at San Diego Comic Con this weekend when bad news was sprung upon us all. 

Due to low ratings, Nickelodeon will stop airing the Legend of Korra on TV. The bright side (even if it is a dim bright side) is that the rest of the episodes will be available for viewing online. 

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